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Scrap Aluminum Recycling
& Purchasing - RI

High Prices. Prompt Service. Immediate Payment.

If your business or manufacturing plant has aluminum that needs to be recycled, you can sell scrap aluminum to Ocean State Metals. We are your scrap aluminum buyer and recycling company serving RI, CT, and MA. We strive to get our clients immediate payment at the best scrap aluminum price.

Get the most out of your scrap aluminum. Whether it’s left over aluminum from your industrial operations or a large amount of aluminum turnings and wire, Ocean State Metals offers you removal and recycling solutions, quick payments at competitive prices, and exceptional customer experience.

We buy these forms of scrap aluminum:

  • Solids and Sheet Aluminum
  • Non-Solids (chips, turnings)
  • Aluminum Wire
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Salvaged Aluminum (rims, siding etc.)

Have a large amount of aluminum scrap metal? Scrap aluminum pickup and removal services are our specialty. We can provide you with any scrap containers you need and haul away scrap metal for you.

Contact Ocean State Metals today for a scrap aluminum price quote. If you’re looking to recycle other types of scrap metals, we also buy scrap copper, stainless steel, high temperature alloys, lead, tin, and brass.